Sunday, April 25, 2010

شاخه دانشجويي انجمن رمز ايران

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Student Branch of Cryptology
Iranian Society of Cryptology
Sharif University of Technology

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WELCOME to the HOMEPAGE of Student Branch of Cryptology!
 Student Branch of Iranian Society of Cryptology (SBiSC) at Sharif University of Technology is under supervision of Iranian Society of Cryptology (ISC)
. First SBiSC was established in Dec 2007. Second SBISC was established on Nov 2008.

 To become a member please fill the ISC form. SBisc 's member list is provided in Members link. Our main activities are listed in Activities link at left side. The Sbisc team prepared some useful links related to cryptology in our Links page. To contact with us see the Contact page.
Find the content of the website here!

 We hope here you would find useful info for your research and career. Please send us feedback to improve our scientific/educational road.


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